All our new WIFI products come with OTA (Over The Air) updater.

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Perform OTAs for ESP8266 / ESP32 Elegantly! Uses AsyncWebServer - ayushsharma82/AsyncElegantOTA

WIFI test/config information

You will need a smartphone, tablet or laptop with WIFI connectivity. First find available WIFI access points. The AK3SignalK... AP SSID should appear. Connect to it using the password below. Accept the connection even though it DOES NOT have internet connectivity. After that open Chrome browser at the URL provided below. There a simple HTML page will provide speed and direction information (0 degrees -arbitrary north- is the boat's bow direction).

AK3SignalKOnMast WIFI Passwd is tackon123

URL for direct access to Wind Sensor page is

Another Setup/Config password is required to configure access to your REQUIRED boats WIFI network and change the SignalK server LAN UDP settings. The default is on321tack

It is also required to adjust wind angle and speed. Get this password from your local dealer if not included in packaging material.

More help material shortly...