New N2K enabled AK3 and adaptor boards have arrived and starting with serial number 200 adaptors and sensors will be shipped with this major milestone. Along with new PCB we are shipping an improved field serviceable sensor.

Improvements Include

  • Legacy display adaptors now work off of N2K networks!
  • New PCB with integrated power supply and less soldering.
  • Sensor IDC connector, again less soldering, more reliable.
  • NMEA2000 galvanically isolated bus for WiFi to/from NMEA2K applications

Sensor Improvements

  • Wind direction magnet calibration. For quick assembly.
  • New notched wind direction vane and shaft. For quick servicing.
  • Double covered all ceramic bearings. Avoid bearing track contamination.
  • Now you can disassemble mast top unit easily and quickly no screws involved just a single mini flat screwdriver involved.
  • Rail mount has been eliminated by popular demand. Still easy and quick to install and remove.